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individuals & executives

Every leader needs a coach, thinking partner, sounding board, and a safe place to unpack their ideas, beliefs, emotions, and the habits that may be holding them or their company back from explosive growth. 

Get ready to lead and grow in complexity.

We tackle big topics 

Get to know me.

Personal Growth

Leadership can be lonely. I provide a safe space to explore possibilities, increase confidence, and develop greater leadership competencies. Because...

  • Knowing your strengths and contributing from them makes work more satisfying, fun and successful.

  • Preparing leaders for their next role is necessary for thriving capitalism. This is especially helpful when the next generation is getting ready to take the helm.

  • Customizing a unique approach to 360-degree feedback for leaders makes better leaders in complex times.

  • Finding the balance to live a full life both inside and outside of work makes work more sustainable and fulfilling!


Transition Support

Transitions can be hard! My work supports your efforts as you cast a vision for your future, and move towards it. Our work together...

  • Explores big decisions, career moves, and helps next the next generation get ready to take over the family business. If the next generation decides to transition out, our work provides a safe space to explore options and move forward.

  • Helps you tackle the ego/identity challenges that come with big changes such as, ‘who am I without the CEO/owner title?’

  • Supports your move from a toxic work environment to a healthy one. Or, guides you to act and make changes. 


Conflict Resolution

Not many people can say they enjoy conflict. But I do! I think of conflict as healthy, because it is the pathway to generating more ideas and options. Disagreeing in a healthy manner is good for organizations. I can help you...

  • See conflict resolution as a healthy way to move forward, navigate difficult conversations, find your voice, and ask for what you need.

  • Navigate the challenges that are unique to teams and/or family businesses by facilitating delicate conversations and productive meetings.

  • Find your voice and share it confidently.

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What to expect


Complimentary Consult

Let's get to know each other. Everything starts with a complimentary consult where I challenge you to bring me your biggest concerns, frustrations, and the limitations that are holding you back. And, please don't hold anything back. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  


Commitment to Growth

At the end of our complimentary consult, if I think I can help, I will share big picture next steps. If it's a good fit, I am confident of success if you will commit to doing the work. Most executive coaching works on a 6-month commitment with nine one-on-one sessions. 


Ongoing Guidance & Development

Oftentimes, my clients continue our working relationship on a customized plan to fit their ongoing needs. Perhaps you're ready to move into developing your team or settling into that next big role. No matter what's next, I'm glad to continue on this journey with you.

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