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Team dynamics are unique for every business, but your team can't move forward if everyone is pointed in different directions. I help teams get a 360º view of their leaders, their staff, and their goals to get everyone pointed in one direction: towards success and growth!

Get ready to lead and grow in complexity.

Getting in sync with success

Get to know me.

Collaboration & Conflict Resolution

Healthy teams collaborate and manage conflicts with ease. I work with you to...

  • Facilitate difficult conversations with individuals, teams, and departments. Together, we uncover and value the strengths of everyone on the team and ensure that team members are in the right roles to maximize their contributions. By reducing conflict and drama, we build a culture where everyone respects and values one another.

  • Build a healthy team.  It is not easy but it is worth it!


PS. I seriously dislike the concept of accountability. When teams shift to taking 100% responsibility, there is no need for accountability.


Succession Support

Change is hard. I can help you navigate the angst, fear, and stress by...

  • Finding common ground as you work through your succession plans. Honoring relationships is the most important outcome of any succession plan.

  • Facilitating difficult conversations to preserve relationships during times of significant change and help prepare teams to assist in the transition of leadership to the next generation or to incoming new leadership.

  • Helping a new CEO or department leader prepare to take over after a transition.


Leadership Development

The most significant investment a leader can make is in their ongoing growth and development. I help leaders by...

  • Executing customized team coaching, peer group facilitations, and monthly facilitated leadership development programs.

  • Making sure everyone is in the right seat based on their unique strengths and supporting the onboarding and welcoming of new team members via the language of strengths. I support virtual teams to work well together and understand everyone’s strengths.

  • Guiding new executive leaders to develop their inner circle of directors and team leaders.

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What to expect


Complimentary Consult

Let's get to know each other. Everything starts with a complimentary consult where I challenge you to bring me your biggest concerns, frustrations, and the limitations that are holding you back. And, please don't hold anything back. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  


Creating a Custom Plan of Attack

At the end of our complimentary consult, we discuss what a team development plan may look like for your unique situation and goals.  Some teams prefer to work remotely, others I travel to them, in order to facilitate in-person sessions. I always customize a plan to fit you and your team because no two businesses and teams are exactly alike.


Let's Get to Work

Once we have a plan of attack, the work begins. Much of our team development is based on taking the time to get a 360º view of your current situation and the strengths of everyone on your team. From there, we present a road map of where you are and a plan of how  together we can get you to where you want to be. 

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