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Better business begins with stronger leaders.

Conscious leadership development for individuals and organizations


The last several years have been challenging for leaders. The world and business are unpredictable. How do we adjust our leadership to embrace change and conflict in a healthy manner? One thing is certain- a new level of awareness and skill is required to navigate the times we are leading in.

Get the 360º view of yourself and your team that allows you to grow, lead, and thrive.


Experience a safe space to explore possibilities, increase confidence, and develop competencies.
Discover your best self through authentic 1:1 coaching.


Uncover roadblocks, explore healthy conflicts, remove drama, and align your strengths, goals, and outcomes.
Gain a 360º understanding of your team and you as their leader.

The solution to complexity and conflict is
consciousness and curiosity.


Donna Musilli


We are living in extremely different times than leaders of the past did.


We have shifted from a predictable world, where problems and solutions were mostly obvious and complicated, to a world that is much more unpredictable. The global challenges of 2022 threw leaders into business dynamics that are chaotic at their worst and complex at their best.


In my experience, the leaders and organizations that are thriving post-pandemic are those who have adjusted their leadership to acknowledge and embrace the complexity of the unpredictable world. Leaders who are still stuck, and using techniques and tools that worked in the predictable world are struggling.


Much of my coaching work is helping leaders understand what types of problems they are dealing with and adjusting their leadership styles and tools to meet the needs of the world today.


This new style of leadership encourages leaders to get off the hamster wheel, breathE, experiment, and lead, think, and become more playful.


This style, at first glance, may feel counterintuitive but it is necessary for success in complexity.




Donna's method and style of coaching people and teams are the best I've experienced in my 30+ year career. She continues to be a valued asset to both me and my company. 

Phil M.

Healthcare Executive

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